"I'll be home for Christmas...."

Christmas break officially started yesterday at 1:57pm. I finished that test and felt such relief. My 3rd semester is over and I think I have learned a lot. I am looking forward to my next few semesters and all of the things I will learn and all the people I will meet. I enjoy each semester because it presents new excitements and new challenges. This semester I learned that great friends can be made and old friends can become closer in only a few months, I really do love teaching with all my heart, I have a heart for 6th grade students, some classes are a 100% waste of time, I really love and miss my family, and I really love a certain silly and hard-working young man :) Overall, the first semester of my sophomore year was wonderful and I wouldn't have wanted it to be any different. Fall 2011 was a success. I am excited to be home, so welcome Christmas season 2011, I've been looking forward to you.

As Always,
Madison Louise


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