Digging to the other side of the world

Yesterday my Diversity in the Classroom class went to an intermediate school in the area and taught a lesson to five 6th grade classrooms. We read them a book about digging to the other side of the world and then instructed them to do some creative writing. I thought I'd share with you some of the creations that were turned in. [Note: These are the exact writing from the students stories. No changed spelling or punctuation.]______ "I wonder what the center of the Earth looks like" That day Storm my friend came over hen I was packing for my trip. When she walked in She saw me packing, Storm said "What are you packing for" I told her I was planning on going to the center of the Earth. Storm was very saprised, she said "could I go with you?" I said "of course you can Storm". She asked me if I would scared I said yes because you would be in a tiny spaceship and your going through grass, mud, dirt, and lava. How would you feel? I would feel on top of the world when the ships going up. Would you feel exited? Yes because whoe mant people do you meet that get to go to the center of the world. Well we might just have to start going. Let's go. -K.K. "..I would love to go that was I can tell everyone what it was like. Doing things others have is a good thing for you to try and accomplish" -X.O. "...but for me, I wouldn't even go, maybe there can be spiders, especially makes eww... Never would step a foot or hand in that hole." -M.C. "..No I would not like to go because it is scary" -K.C. "...This is what I will need to get to do my job I will need a shavel lots of hard shavels, and like a torch." -J.C. "When I was offered a billion dollars to go to the center of the earth I was ready to cry. It felt like butterflies were in my stomach flying around. As I went I found fossils from many animals and lots of precious riches. It was so hot outside of the submarine, but thank gosh it is super cold in the inside. I hope to find a piece of evidence to show I've digged to the center of the Earth. The one thing I hope I do not do is is float to outerspace If I dig through the whole earth. I brought plenty food. In the end I succeded my expedition and made history" -J. "Carla!" "What Emral!!! Bring your dad's drill, your brothers hevy lava prof. shipe, and your submarin, two wet suits , and your mom's potato salad. "Ok, but what do we need all this for," ask Carla. "You'll see also bring the shuvels!" Ok I got these things now can you please tell me what this is for? "We are going to dig to the center of the earth, replies Emrald. What you have to be kidding me! No one can dig to the center of the Earth it's impossible! remarked Carla. "Let's start digging. grab the shuvels and lers go," said Emralk. "Hum Emerals, exactly hoe fardown are we," asked, Carla. Hold on let me check the GPS, we are exzacly 10 feet under ground so we better start using the power drill" replied Emreld. Ok! "Look there are jewls let's grab some!" Repid Carla in excitement. -K.W. "I would need to bring....stuff to wash up with and shampoo and conditioner for my hair." -J.M. "I'm worried that I might see cavemens, big bugs, and volcano." -C.T. "It won't be possible because someone won't come with you and you'll die if you go far enough and get hungry and thirsty and you'll sizzle and turn crispy and fall out" -M.M. "...We will have a little party in the hole.." -D.J. "..I would be so excited to do this. It would be glorious." -T.L. "I would feel bored if I reach the sinter of the earth. Only because I belve I will acomples something else. I don't like the hole thing about digging to the sinter of the earth. Because it is not possible. Diamons I wouldn't want to see. And some $100 bills. I wouldn't be scared I would walk in there like I own the place." -T.L. Hope you enjoy these creations :)


  1. Love it! lol I think I used to read that book as a kid...it sounds familiar :)


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