Youth Fair 2011: Teva & Butler

Way, way back in August I competed in the county youth fair with Butler and Teva in obedience. Butler competed in Novice B which has on leash and off leash exercises. In Novice B there is an on-leash heel, off-leash heel, off-leash sit and down stay, and an off-leash stand for exam. Teva competed in sub-novice B which is essentially the same as Novice but it is completed entirely on leash. When we got to fair in the morning I was really nervous because I had to juggle showing 2 dogs. Both dogs sat happily in the same crate and waited until their time in the spotlight came. Butler was in the ring first and did a great job but decided to walk excessively slow which was somewhat frustrating. Teva was in the ring second and he did a great job as well. I cannot actually remember what he lost points for, I think it was for slow sits. Teva and I actually tied another girl and had to do a tie breaker that was really easy. We had to walk in a line stop and see if the dog sat. Thankfully my dog sat :) Teva was actually quite amazing because he was the only dog in the long sits and downs that didn't get up. I think that is pretty good for a 9 month old pup :) The time for awards came and I was thrilled. Butler and I placed 2nd place in the class we competed in and Teva and I got 1st in the sub novice B class. Not only that but little Teva and I got Reserve Grand Champion which means we had the Second highest score out of any dog who competed in obedience. I was super excited because I had worked so hard each year training my dog and it finally paid off. I left the fair that day happy with the trophies and ribbons in my hand but even happier with the two fabulous dogs that I have :) They are both great at obedience but even better at their real jobs. Butler is a great pet for my family and Teva is a great CCI pup. I can't wait for next year :)


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