What is Thanksgiving all about?

I believe that Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. I am not talking about flippantly saying "Um..I'm thankful for...". Thanksgiving is a reminder to live a life of thanks. A girl at school said something once that struck me. She said "What if tomorrow you only woke up with the things you had thanked God for today?". That really blew my mind, and reminded to be more thankful because you never know what tomorrow will hold. So although this year it seemed as though Thanksgiving was all about making food and deciding what clothes to wear, I still had thankfulness on my mind and heart. This year I am thankful for: -My wonderful mother who is always there for me. -My father who tries so hard to encourage me as a teacher. -My brother Jon who deep down loves me a lot and makes me laugh. -My brother Patrick, he loves me so much and shows me that practically everyday. -My best friend John because he takes care of me, I just love him so much. -My friend Taylor who makes me laugh on a daily basis and is always up for some silliness and homework (yes, the two can be mixed). -My roommate and friend Kendra but she is always there to help me and we totally rock all group presentations, we make a great team. -My friend Dee who loves CCI and graciously gives me her puppy whenever I ask. -Teva because he fills my puppy gap, is a total sweetheart, and makes me laugh. -Butler because, well he is Butler. -My grandma because she is always there and loves me. -My best friend Marcie who I've known forever. - A house to come home to. -The opportunity to come to college. -The privilege of getting to be a teacher. -The wonderfulness of having a family. -The grace given to me by my God and the joy that comes from it. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. -Madison


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