Snow Anyone?

Today was just a fantastic day...well for the most part :)
The great parts were...
1. Having no classes
2. Waking up on my own
3. Getting to buy John some breakfast and bringing it to him in between his classes
4. Doing my laundry
5. Finishing some homework(doesn't it alway seem like when you have less to do you get less done?)
6. Getting to work with John
7. Having smart math majors help me with my homework
8. Seeing my dad and having him help me with my Kindle.
9. Getting the book "teach like a champion"
10. Having dinner with Kendra
11. Finishing my group music for teachers lesson.
12. Getting my math done
13. Chatting with Alli about "find your RA"
14. SNOW. Like legitimate large white snowflakes falling from the sky.
15. The possibility for going to bed early.

The parts I didn't like were:
1. Almost getting hit by a stupid, careless, reckless girl driving a red mustang. But it's ok, I'm gonna love her like Jesus would :)

My life is just plain spiffy. :)


  1. Here in Ohio we're still having fairly nice weather... surprisingly. We'll most likely get snow by thanksgiving.


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