Scripture 66

Every year on campus the spiritual life team hosts an event called Scripture 66. Basically this event is where students, faculty, and safe sign up for slots and go to our gazebo on campus and read the bible out loud. We started on Friday at 3 and it'll end at 9 o'clock and it is a 24 hour thing. The goal is to make it through the entire bible. I signed up for the 5:00-6:00 shirt this morning and read many chapter of the book of Joshua during that time. Near the end I started yawning a lot, mispronouncing words horribly and having trouble talking because my voice was tired. It was a really fun event and the only downside was the fact that it was FREEZING! My fingers and nose felt like they were gonna fall off. None the less, I might sign up for another slot tonight but I'm not sure yet :)

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
Ps. Don't feel to bad for me or elevate me up as a great person for getting up at 4:45 to read the bible because after I finished my time slot I hopped back into bed :)


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