New Service Dog Titus

During my senior year and during the summer before my freshman year of college I borrowed or watched CCI pup Titus occasionally. It was different than with Teva because I was still raising Butler but during those 2 weeks between turn in and move in I borrowed him quite a bit. I am so thankful for the fact that Dee is so willing to allow me to take her pups. Anyway, Titus turned into advanced training at CCI in May and just this past weekend he graduated as a service dog! Titus was placed with a woman who is in a manual wheelchair. She utilizes Titus is many ways and even has him "pull" her wheelchair. I've heard that they are a fabulous team and I wish I could have seen them working together. I think Titus is going to be a great service dog for her. I always thought Titus was a stellar dog who handled any situation with ease. Kids, loud noises, crowds, no problem. I knew he was going to graduate from the start :) Click here to see all Titus related posts. I'm so happy for Titus and his partner. -Madison ps. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to see family, eat yummy food, and....see Teva. :)
Graduation Photos from Saturday :)


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