Long Drives

I absolutely love Saturdays! Today I actually woke up thinking I had missed class, it was a very alarming way to wake up. Even though I was up I sat in my bed and just relaxed while I did some homework. I finally got out of bed at 11 and decided I should probably get ready for the day. I was very excited because my mom and I planned to be happy today and spend some time together and go to Noodles and Company. My mom, Patrick, and I all drove 1 hr and 15 minutes all for noodles and company, but I just love their Pad Thai. The extra special part of today was that my mom brought Teva. It made me really happy to see my mom and pat, eat some noodles, have some good chats, and see Teva. It was a nice happy day. Tomorrow is going to be great day because I am gaining an hour and seeing my friend Marcie who I've known for FOREVER. I'm so thankful for the things I have. Sincerely, Madison :) [Photos in no particular order: Teva getting stuck trying to get over the seat, a picture of how nice it is to have a pup at my feet, and my yummy Pad Thai from Noodles & Co.]


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