Life is like sewing.

I have come to the conclusion this evening that life is like sewing. Sewing can go great for quite a while, but then something happens and messes everything up and it takes quite some time and with quite a bit of effort to fix the problem. The mistake is noticed within a moment but could have been messed up for quite some time. Once the problem is noticed either stitching needs to be removed or another step needs to be added to fix the problem. If the stitches need to be removed they can be ripped out by hand, but that is really hard and frustrating. The easiest way is to get some help and use a seam ripper. In life things get messed up. Sometimes it is your doing and sometimes it is not. It is just like sewing, sometimes you mess up the sewing by doing things wrong but sometimes it is the machine that just messes up. When these things happen sometimes you notice, but other times it goes on unnoticed resulting in a larger mess. The problem can be fixed by hand, you can just fix it yourself and not ask anyone for help. Although many choose this method, it takes so much time, causes so much frustration, and doesn't always lead to a very good end product. There is another method. This method requires one to submit the problem to God and ask for help. God takes the mess into his hands and fixes it in a way that is better than we ever could. I am a sinner, probably the worst. I mess up and make mistakes, sometimes mistakes that I'm not sure God can fix. I don't always rely on him to fix my problems, very often I think I can just fix it myself. Through it all I have learned that I do a horrible job ripping out stitches. I make a mess, get frustrated and waste lots of time and thread. It always turns out better to take a deep breathe and then ask for help to fix my problems. I make tons of mistakes, I wish I didn't, but thankfully I have a seam ripper to fix those mistakes and make things better.


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