Somedays I just can't help but smile. Today I had an instance where I knew I'm exactly where God wants me. I tutor 3 little third grade girls every Monday afternoon. I help the girls with anything ranging from reading to math. We work on whatever the teacher assigns and then usually use any extra time to read a book. Today after working on conversion problems and time elapsed problems I noticed how weak they are on their multiplication skills. So today I made a deal. I told the girls that if they knew the multiplication tables for 1-10 I would bake them some homemade cookies and they were pumped to say the least. I told them they could sing them, say them or anything else they can think of as long as their are no fingers used (They rely on their fingers too much). So today watching them get excited about learning their multiplication tables I found happiness amidst the frustrations of teaching. Today I felt joy. :)


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