Food & Football! [NEW UPDATE]

[THIS JUST IN AS OF 11:07PM, BY A FLUKE OF NATURE OAKWOOD ACTUALLY WON. MANGES DEFINITELY PUT UP A FIGHT, BUT IN THE END EVEN WITH MUD-COATED, RIPPED SHIRTS AND A FEW BLOODY NOSES OAKWOOD WAS STILL VICTORIOUS. I GUESS THERE IS A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING] [Here is the Promo Video for last years manges-oakwood game] Today is the Oakwood vs. Manges flag football game. It is one of the biggest rivalries on Bethel's campus. Oakwood is the freshmen only dorm and Manges is the older-but-not-too-much-older dorm. It is a rivalry that has been going on for years and Oakwood has never once won. This year I've heard that the Oakwood team is pretty good and actually has a shot at winning, but we'll see about that. I'm going to the game tonight and I'm super excited. I'm hoping good-ole' Manges wins because that is where John lives. :) I'll let you all know tomorrow if tradition continues and Manges wins the old tin jug or if by some miracle and fluke of nature Oakwood wins and breaks the tradition. It's gonna be intense. In other news tonight was Thanksgiving Dinner night at the Dining Commons (DC). We had turkey and all the dressings and it was actually good. I even got served my turkey by the president of the school. It was pretty exciting. My favorite parts of dinner were the bread and the fresh fruit & Chocolate combo. My least favorite part was the corn casserole, it was such a disappointment and a shame to all corn casseroles. Now I'm super excited for real Thanksgiving, you know the one with family, real food, and did I mention family!


  1. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, I just love having all the family back at home; and of course... all that wonderful food!

    Brandon's Raiser


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