Find Your RA

Yesterday was Find you RA at the mall and it was super fun. My friend Alli did my makeup and she did such a good job, I really looked like an old man! My mom even brought me some clothes so that I could really play the part! After I was dressed in my old man best and my face and hair was caked in makeup, we headed to the mall! Kendra and I had to stay in the main areas of the mall, so pretty much we could not hide out in Macys. We got found by all the girls but I think we did a good job playing our role. We had quite a group of characters. We had our modern-mom with her sunglasses, shopping bags and baby stroller, we also had 2 punk guys, a pregnant teenager, 2 gangsters with a girlfriend, and an old married couple. It was all great fun. I can describe one of the downsides of being a girl dressed like an old man in one word. Restrooms. BEWARE: IN SOME OF THESE PHOTOS I LOOK EXCEPTIONALLY OLD.


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