Dinner for a special someone :)

Today I surprised Mr. John with homemade dinner. To most American super moms this doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'll tell you that when you are a college student making dinner is hard, especially if you don't do it often. I devised this plan yesterday and headed to Meijer to get my ingredients. After what seemed like a million hours wandering through Meijer I finally had everything and I could leave. It was so crowded, apparently everyone goes shopping on Sunday. I began making dinner for John and finished just a tad bit after he came. I cannot believe that I actually kept my dinner a secret. I am the worst secret keeper and John is the best secret figure-out-er. It makes secrets super hard. Anyway I just finished my yummy dinner. John and I are nice and full and onto homework. An nice honey crisp apple is on the menu for desert :) Sincerely, Madison [Although my dinner did not look at all like this, it was still delish!]


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