Welcome to College...

...Let the fun begin!

The class of 2015 have moved into the residence halls and are about 1/2 way through orientation. On Saturday I was on the "move-in crew". Which pretty much means that we stood in the parking lot and helped the girls move all their stuff into their new rooms. It was really great to have that opportunity to serve the girls and their families. Spreading God's love through carrying boxes :) Yesterday the activity for orientation was a trip to Chicago, which actually has nothing to do with orientation but was fun none-the-less. I hung out with my friend Sara who is a sophomore just like me! We had a great time but got very very tired of walking. Once back on the bus I feel asleep in a very awkward position and totally hurt my neck, but I did feel a bit less tired. Later that night we had a hall meeting and then I just walked around and talked with the girls. It's so awesome to learn about them and hear their stories about why they came to Bethel or what they did that day. Plus I met an awesome girl named Alli who is gonna sew up my PJ pants. :)

Today all my "hall-mates" are at Orientation stuff until after dinner. My day will be spent reading some children's books, blogging about those books, and then Hannah and I are going to Jamba Juice.

It's gonna rock!


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