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The title of this post is misleading. This title is telling you that there are 9 days until some event. When in reality there are only 6 days now until the event. The cause of this is unreliable blogging. I wrote the title and uploaded the picture a whole 3 days ago and then forgot about it. Such a poor, poor, neglected blog.

In 6 days I am moving back into my dorm. I know I say this all the time, but didn't I just move out? I am really excited to get back into my dorm and get to know all the amazing freshman girls who I am going to meet. I am coming back to the freshman again and rooming with my friend and fellow Education major Kendra! I'm very excited! Actually yesterday Kendra moved in because she is an RA so I went and moved in a shelf, couch, carpet, and fridge so that the room would be less bare until I got there on Friday. The room is so cute. It is dramatically different from last year because we have 1) Color Scheme, 2) Legitimate decorative pieces, most importantly 3) Less people. I'm excited to get all packed up to move in on Friday and then help all the new freshman get moved in and attempt to help them figure out how to fit everything into a 3 person room. It'll be fun :)

So 6 days.
23.5 hours of work
4 more hours babysitting
2-3 hours of work for my church internship
One last day at church
2 beautiful labs to show at the fair on Thursday.
Lots of stuff to move in on Friday.

Sophomore year is going to be great. :)


  1. Lots going on!!!!! Just wanted to say when I went to the workshop and Dembre's turn-in I saw your wonderful boy Andros!!!!! He's such a good service dog!!! I also so Kara and Jen :)

  2. I know. With turn-in it made it so much easier just to be able to be happy instead of really emotional. I do miss my boy, but I know he'll be fine :)

    Andros looked great!!!! He looked healthy, happy and was by my standards a perfect working dog!!! Sadly I didn't get to meet his partner, because they did the command thing right after the lunch and I didn't get time during that time before turn-in. But I'd love to meet her soon! I did get to meet your friend Kara with Jen :)


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