Shupe Shopping

Here at my college in the freshman girls dorm, Shupe, we have this term for when the boys enter our halls and try to meet some girls. That term is Shupe Shopping. It is a whole campus phenomenon that pretty much everyone knows about. But tonight, the first night of Open Dorms, the Shupe Shoppers were creative.

Today I see 3-4 guys walking the halls with a "waiver" (aka a piece of paper where you write your name and digits), and a Kroger shopping cart with a couch cushion in it. They offered (FAST) rides down the hall to the girls if they signed the "waiver". Overall it was a fun night and the guys were quite funny....but I will say they were total flirts. I'm thinking everyone had a fun time. The girl in the video is my suite-mate Brittney who got forced into the cart by John and I. It was fun...very fun indeed. :)

I got "picked" tonight during the Shupe Shopping. I'm pretty happy with it though :) Actually I couldn't be happier.

Oh Shupe Shopping.....


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