Picnic :)

Yesterday John and I went on a date. It was all planned by Mr. John and I had a super fun time. We went on a picnic to The Riverwalk and then went to a movie at the dollar theater. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 again, and it was pretty awesome the 2nd time around. It was a great start for our sophomore year.

I loved...
The cool shade when the temp was 95 degrees.
Sitting on my new handmade picnic blanket
Watching John scare away some very bold squirrels (3 to be exact)
How being outside can make a "blah" lunch taste spectacular.
Our luck of showing up at the theater at the exact time the move we wanted to see started.
Heading back to Bethel for a soccer game...(and yes we won in a double overtime)
Going to the back to school party and catching up with friends.

It was a great day. Today sophomore year begins, and I'm pumped. :)


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