A Real Lady

There are those time when I feel like a real lady, not a college girl, but a real lady. I'm trying to learn certain skills that will make me the best wife and mother I can be when that time comes. I've been practicing cooking, cleaning, laundry, and more recently sewing. A wonderful lady from church taught me how to sew last Wednesday. She taught me how to use my machine and then we started working on a "green" grocery bag. It is green and brown with a pretty pattern on it. I'm a very big fan of my pretty bag that gave me some confidence in my sewing skills.

The day before, on Tuesday, I had gotten my new couch for my dorm room and was surprised to find it came with pillows! The couch is brown and so the pillows that came with it were the same brown. As much as I love the color brown, it was a little much. After learning how to sew I set my sights on making 2 pillow covers with zippers for those pillows. I watched YouTube videos and learned the techniques for zippers and then I went to Joanne Fabrics and bought my supplies. I bought myself 2 zippers, some off-white thread, and a beautiful patterened fabric. It is a blue, green, and light brown paisley pattern that will look great with the couch...and the best part? I made those two pillows for about $14. I feel creatively thrifty. :)

Today I expanded my sewing abilities to actual human clothing! I made my skirt using the tutorial by MADE for their "simple skirt". It was very simple indeed. I just love the idea of making skirts for a few reasons.
1) I feel confident in myself when I make things that are needed (ok we'll just say that a fun summer skirt is "needed")
2) I love getting to pick the pattern I want and with hundreds of choices at the fabric store I get pretty close to exactly what I want.
3) For a girl who is trying to be modest, it's nice to be able to make a pretty skirt that is a good, lady-like length.
4) Who doesn't love a nice skirt for around $11-$12?

I'm so proud of them. So take a look below!


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