Teva Mondays

I made a wonderful deal with a CCI friend of mine. Since I love puppy raising, and don't want my skills to get dusty, I now have "Teva Mondays". So every Monday at 7:20 I head over and pick up Teva for the day. He hops into the back of my Prius and we head to the marina for work. He snoozes all morning, and then wakes up to head to the car to go to lunch, then snoozes again. We leave work at around 2:00 and we both are pretty happy :). Teva then gets to head to my house to play with Butler and Ruby, which they all seem to enjoy. Usually after playing I would take him home....but starting next Monday I have a summer college class that Teva will be attending with me. It meets from 6:00-10:00 and hopefully it is going to be a good class. I've already started my homework and enjoyed it.

Teva is making this a great summer. So for the summer I am a co-raiser.



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