Who doesn't bring...

a camera to the beautiful state of Colorado! Seriously how did I forget. Sadly this post will have 0 photos.

A few weeks back my mom and I went to Louisville, Colorado to visit some friends. It was such a fun time! I would have posted about it sooner but I'm taking a May Term and need to read 115 children's book, so I've been a bit busy! While in Colorado I learned about two amazing things:

Sweet Cow & "Open Space"

Sweet Cow is an amazing ice cream place that has totally cool (and weird) flavors of ice cream. Lucky Charms Ice cream?? A little scary! We went on an adventure one night for some ice cream and it was delicious. Yum :) Plus on the way home I raced an 11 year old boy and won....I felt good about myself.

next we have "Open Space". "Open Space" is this weird concept they have in Colorado. In every neighborhood they have a certain amount of land that must be left undeveloped. Thus it is titled "Open Space". I really love "Open Space". It is beautiful, has wonderful paths, and has funny signs about how to react if you meet a fox. Very amusing indeed.

So overall it was a very fun time. I now love the mountains, Louisville, Sweet Cow, Foxes (Though I did not actually see one), A certain family :), and especially "Open Space"

You just gotta love Colorado :)


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