So. Much. Stuff

I just brought all my stuff back from college. Boy there is a lot. Thankfully I found a spot for everything in my room, but a certain little black pup was no help what-so-ever. (and yes he is using my clothes as a dog bed, even though there was one just a few feet away)

Oh Teva....


  1. How long are you keeping Teva? How old is she? She's Dee's dog right?

  2. I gave Teva back on Saturday. I usually only keep him for a few days. During the summer he will be spending every Monday with me at work and then sometimes he will go to my Summer class with me. Teva is a boy and he is 7 months old. and yes Teva is Dee's dog.

  3. Oops! Sometimes it's hard to tell gender just by looking at a CCI pup's name!


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