Oh my Golly Goodness!

I took pictures of CCI dogs and I didn't even post them. Silly, Silly me :)

A few weeks ago (actually it may have been a few months ago) I went on a field trip to a butterfly room with some CCI puppy raisers and I got to work with CCI pup Titus and Teva. Such cute puppies. It was really fun and I got some cute photos.

Also please note that Mr. Titus has headed off for training at CCI. I know he'll do great. He is such a spiffy dog :)
Oh also look for a post next weekend about my trip with John and Teva to work a CCI booth at Sam's Club. Should be fun :)

Madison (who has no clue why she posted 3 posts at 11:00 at night. Maybe this is when my good ideas come to me? I'm such a college student)


  1. I got to see him turn-in! Sadly I didn't have a chance to say hi to Dee even though I went to CCI for turn-in :(


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