Oh I have discovered a new love

Do not fret I still love John but I now also love books. I am taking a Children's Literature Class and one requirement is that I have to read 115 children's books, consisting of some chapter and some picture books to read. I love reading because it causes your brain to run wild with the story and it really gets you thinking. A book is way better than TV, no doubt about it. I am currently reading Jacob, Have I Loved which will be my 106th book. I am quite proud. :) This class is almost over but I'm excited for the time to come when I have my own class and have the opportunity to read to them. I love my education classes, I love my major! I couldn't be happier.

I think the reading is going to stay a part of my life even after this class is over. I am quite a fan of reading.

My name is Madison and I am a bookworm.



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