The End.

My freshman year is officially over. Actually it has been officially over for over a week now. I'm done with 32.5 credits and only have nearly a billion left. Success. I wasn't planning on flaunting my grades for the world-wide web, but I am so proud of them that I must. This is how my grades look for this semester:
School Aged Growth and Development: A (yay!)
Old Testament Literature: A (yay!)
Spanish II: A (So thrilled and amazed!)
Astronomy: A- (Yay! boy was that a hard class)
Written Communications II: A- (Shakespeare is very confusing at times...)
I am so excited to be done but have another class starting up in 2 days. I am taking a May Term class. It is Children's literature and I think it is going to be really fun. I've already started tackling the reading as I have over 100 children's books to read. It will be fun, plus my May Term And Summer classes are allowing me to graduate a semester ahead, so it's all worth it. Well I'm off to read The Devil's Arithmetic (Fantastic Book).

In Christ,


  1. I second the recommendation for The Devil's Arithmetic - awesome book! I may have to pull that down off the shelf and give it a re-read soon. :)

    Congrats on finishing first year.


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