May Term is almost over already. I cannot believe that in these three short weeks I earned 3 credits. Whoever thought of May Term was a genius.

2 Papers
2 Tests
1 Reading Design (I read 115 Children's Books)

All that's left is 1 day of class, 1 day where we are watching a movie (Where the Red Fern Grows) and 1 final (which isn't even cumulative!).

My summer is approaching... It will be filled with Teva, working at a marina, working at church with the kids, swimming, the beach, friends, and a summer class. Can't wait :)


  1. Yes, summer :)
    Also, just wanted to say your blog has really inspired me! I was so happy to find a fellow Christian and another teenager (even in the same CCI region) that was raising puppies. I still love reading your posts! It's too bad that I missed meeting you and your family at Butler's turn-in, but maybe sometime after you're finished with college.

    ~Elijah (and Dembre)
    P.S. Is Andros working in OH?


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