What are those things called?

{These are staying home today]

Oh yeah I remember what those things are called, they are shoes. Well today is "ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES" and I have spent the entire day shoe-less. I've gone to a class, library, lunch, and to visit my professor all with no shoes. The point of this day is not to look silly, though I'm sure I do, the point is to bring awareness to the fact that millions of children worldwide do not have shoes and many times catch diseases that are very preventable with something simple, a pair of shoes. Also in other countries children cannot attend school unless they have shoes. Life is very hard without shoes. So
today I am going barefoot so I can understand what my life would be like without shoes and to bring awareness to the fact that unlike America where we have closets full of shoes some kids don't even have one pair.

So kick 'em off and head out.

-Barefoot Madison

[Kelli and I are going barefoot!]


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