Utterly Beautiful...

Spring is here and I am enjoying wearing a skirt today and not having frostbite on my legs when I finally get to class. It's just so spiffy :). I have enjoyed looking out my window and seeing the glimpses of spring outside. The grass getting greener, the water going back to a liquid state, and the sun shining in the blue sky. My favorite place to see God's beautiful creation transforming into spring is the library. I love to sit in the big comfy chairs with my feet on the windowsill reading a book and looking out through the wall of window. I love to see the beautiful trees and the serene pond. Although there are beautiful things all around me, most of this week has been spent writing papers. I am thankful for all I've accomplished though and look forward to heading to the river sometime soon to enjoy the warm air swirling around me.

Ahhh....Spring is in the air.



  1. I love Spring! It's so beautiful and fresh and everything feels utterly alive and I could go on and on! Spring is, by far, my favorite season!


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