I need more potato chips.

"Raising puppies is like eating potato chips...you can't have just one"

Oh, Oh, Oh truer words were never spoken. I miss the days of my feet nestled under a warm puppy belly as I study, a heavy head on my lap, a wet nose on my hand, a tubby puppy strolling beside me, silly puppy antics, seeing a puppy finally understand the command, my puppy overcoming a fear, and I miss the feeling of a leash in my hand always. I miss it so much I even miss the puppy "vocalizing" from inside it's crate, midnight "hurry" trips, stepping on nylabones, having to vacuum practically daily, and even having to spend some nights home because of the new pup. I'm missing this a lot today. I can't wait until I have the opportunity again to drive down to Ohio and pick up another little pup that I will help become someones independence. I cannot wait to look down and see those big brown eyes looking back.

So yes, I want another potato chip, but currently God has me on a diet.


  1. I love this post. I took breaks between each of my first three puppies. Though it's hard, sometimes that's the best thing.

    Since I couldn't stand the idea of another break, I'm overlapping for six weeks when puppy #4 gets here in seven days. My left hand would feel too empty without a leash in it. :)

  2. I understand! My two week break was tortuous for me!

  3. Great post! When people go in to puppy raising thinking they'll just raise one dog a lot of times they continue raising puppies for many years! My parents approved the entrance of a new puppy as soon as Dembre turns-in this August!

    Elijah & Dembre

  4. I totally understand! Too bad this is a diet we can't break at all.


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