God is working...

More of you and less of me God.
(10th Ave. North)

Do you want to pray something that will get answered? If so here are Dr. Bob's top 3 prayers that will always get answered:
1. Search me, Oh God (Psalm 139)
2. Break me (Psalm 51:17)
3. Send me (Isaiah 6)

Here is another little quote:
"How you respond to what happens to you is more important than what happens to you."
(Dr. Bob)

Take some time. Seek God through Worship. Seek God through scripture. Then talk to your Ababa in prayer. You'll be amazed at what he'll show you. I promise.

What are you holding in your hands that you need to put down so that you can pick up your cross and follow Him.


  1. And... another prayer that is always answered - "Thy will be done"

  2. I really like this post! Very true! I just got to see Tenth Ave. North in concert. They are my favorite band! I love You Are More, Hold My Heart, Strong Enough To Save, and By Your Side


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