I am so close to spring break I can taste it, and it tastes really good. Actually it tastes a lot like chlorine, sand, key lime pie, and salt water. Can you guess where I am spending my break? Well I'm not going to tell you because this is the internet, but you are more than free to guess if you want. So I am so excited and can't wait to put the books, backpacks, and notebooks away and relax and have a little fun.

2 Astronomy classes
1 Astronomy Quiz
1 Old Testament paper
2 Old Testament classes
1 Spanish Culture project
1 Spanish midterm
1 Psychology quiz
1 Spanish review
1 Spanish vocabular quiz
1 room cleaned
1 bag packed
2 Written communication classes
2 Chapels

To do:
1 Old Testament Class
1 Chapel
1 Psychology class
1 Written communications class
1 Spanish class

1 Flight to catch. Cannot wait.


P.S. Here is a beautiful picture that the amazing John took. I put it in this post too because he gets to come with my family on vacation. It's gonna be sweet!


  1. That is a really cool picture! And I totally know the feeling about wanting Spring Break. I still have two weeks, but it can't come soon enough!

  2. SPRING!!!! I love spring! Right now it's snowing out :( We got a couple of days of 60 degree weather and then MORE snow and sleet!


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