My name is Madison and I LOVE to...

Wear my TOMS. For my birthday in December my grandma got me a very nice pair of grey classic TOMS. I asked for them because I liked how they looked, but after getting a pair I love how comfy and light they are. They are my shoe of choice for long days on my feet. I couldn't be happier with those shoes. The only downside? I live somewhere that is very cold and very snowy. These shoes are not exactly made for those conditions, but I wear them anyway. Last week I decided to order a pair of TOMS Botas, which are like TOMS mixed with boots. They are really nice, they have a cute plaid pattern on the outside and warm fleece on the inside. They are the best of both worlds, Comfy TOMS that can handle snowfall and cold. They are Perfect!

My name is Madison, and I love TOMS. (:

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  1. I had no clue that you knew Kara and Jen! I'm good friends with Jen's puppy raiser, Mary Beth. I've heard a lot about Kara, but I haven't gotten to meet her yet :(


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