A lucky Girl...

I know how lucky of a girl I am. I realize that I'm lucky every day, but there is something about valentines day that makes a girl feel extra lucky to have such great men in her life. Great Man #1: This year for valentines day my father sent me some beautiful roses, as he has since I was little. They are gorgeous, all displaying different shades of red, white, and pink. It was so great to get them because I got beautiful roses and I a package in the mail, which is always fun. Great Man #2: My dearest John got me a rose, some candy that I love, and wrote me a great little love note. It was really cute because he surprised me in the lobby of my dorm with the presents. I'm quite the fan of surprises, and he is so great at them. It works well for both of us :).
[Flowers from my dad]

[Gift from John]

P.S. Don't worry too much, John did not get cut out on the gift giving. I made John a very large card and on the inside had a very good surprise for him. Inside I listed 101 reasons why I love him. It was a pleasure to think of those and helped me realize how many reasons I really have for loving him.


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