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Every so often I like to think back and reminisce about the past. It is amazing for me to think that one year ago I was a high school senior wondering what college to attend. This past year brought momentous change in my life in obvious as well as subtle ways. Last year around this time I have my 3rd CCI puppy Butler and was beginning my second semester of senior year. I was busy writing essays for my classes as well as scholarship essays. Over the next months I spent time with friends and family, graduated from high school, decided to attend Bethel, shopped for dorm stuff, competed in the county fair with CCI Pup Titus, turned Butler into advanced training, headed off to college, met some really great friends, Butler was released and came home, completed 1/8 of my college education, and enjoyed most of it. 2010 was a great year filled with fun, laughs, tears, frustration, and smiles and I would not have wanted it any other way. I'm hoping that 2011 will be just as great, it started out pretty great since I got to spend new years eve and day with my best friend John. Pretty swell way to start 2011. This year I hope to become a better sister- daughter-friend-women- and follower of Christ. Happy New Year everyone...Make 2011 a good one :)


  1. Quite a lot has happened! It's amazing how fast things can change in one's life. I look back and am amazed that, Wow, I'm really raising a miracle and then I look ahead and think pretty soon I'll be looking back on now :D


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