Yesterday marked a special occasion. :)

[Sign in my room]
Yesterday, December 4th, marked a very special occasion at my house and in my room. The special occasion you may ask? It was my 18th Birthday. I am now old enough to buy white out, cough medicine, and spray paint. Oh how my life will be better. Haha, Just kidding. :) My birthday was great for so many reasons, here are a few.
1. My family came down to see my Orchestra concert and took me out to dinner.
2. John took me to dinner the previous night, went to my concert, and got me a very "me" present.
3. My fabulous friends (Elizabeth and Kendra) and my roommates (Karli and Kelli) decorated my room for my birthday, with the help of my mother. Oh that surprise was very fun.
4. I got many adorable cards in honor of my birthday.
5. My roommates got 12+ containers of Pretzel M&M's and hid them throughout my room. Apparently there are still more to be found.
6. My friends and I gathered for some cake and fun yesterday night. A very fun time indeed.
7. My family got me fabulous gifts that I appreciate so much (A necklace, TOMS, sunglasses).
It was a great birthday. :)



  1. Oh wow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a whole lot of fun!
    I love your header pictures at the top - they look awesome up there :)

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    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Happy Birthday! :) Go win the lottery!


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