[My favorite Fairy House]

My family is does not have a ton of traditions, but we do have a few. My favorite thing to do over Christmas is to decorate the tree! Every year my mom and I drag the boxes out of our crawl space and then begin to put up our fake tree. We put the tree up and then wrap the lights. It is always fun to get to do this with my mom, sadly this year I was at school for this step. Next is the tinsel and ornaments which I was thankfully home for. It is so much fun to pull ornaments out and remember their past. It is also fun to look at all our old ornaments that have been passed down through my family. One tradition we have associated with the tree is the fairy houses. We have fairy houses and baskets on our tree and every morning when we get up the "fairies" have put candy in each basket. We have had this every since I was very little, and it makes me smile to think about it. I love this tradition and cannot wait to have fairy houses and baskets on my tree when I have a family. :)


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