So much food....

I know totally understand how students again their "freshmen 15". It makes total sense because people are ALWAYS asking if you wanna go eat or get a coffee drink with them. It's endless food. Bethel's slogan should be "come to bethel, we always have food". Today my mom got me Chick-fil-a and that is sooo good. My favorite food ever!
In other news my dorm room is C-L-E-A-N! Yes you heard that right, it's clean. We have a guest tonight in my dorm, it's gonna be fun! I'm currently listening to a little Michael Buble and doing homework. Some spanish/english/education, it's very quiet and peaceful. Well here is my V...E...R...Y dull post for today!



  1. I totally understand! There's food everywhere here and everyone is like "Let's go get lunch." or coffee or biscuits and tea. The other problem for me is that they have much better chocolate here than they do in the states. I found myself actually eating candy bars which I don't do at home because I'm not a fan of Hershey's. But oh so good chocolate here! I just can't help it. :) It also doesn't help that my room isn't big enough to do proper yoga and I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for the "gym membership" here. HAHA! But I do walk everywhere.


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