-Don't put all your clothes in the wash at 11:00 at night and then go to bed. When you get up the next morning you won't have much to wear. Which will lead to a cold day because you had to wear capris!
-Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.
(Isaiah 1:17)
-I have only 1 month plus 1 day until my birthday! I'll be 18 :)
-A perfect evening: Amazingly having no one in the Shupe lounge, being comfy cozy in my PJs, getting some school work done, and being warm :) (which with a study buddy is even better)
-Education class has decided to pile on the projects. Oh yes it is totally normal to have a Field Report, School Project, Portfolio, and a take home Exam all due in the matter of a few weeks! Ahh! This weekend is the national holiday of "Finish Field Report Weekend".
-It's amazing how dirty a room can get, I need to organize all my stuff. It seems to pile up!
-My spanish needs to be studied. "hacer un vaccacion"..I so wish I was "to be on vacation" lol :)

-Madison-who cannot wait for it to snow!


  1. Snow is coming. Most likely tomorrow.

  2. Ha ha, good luck on all the assignments you gotta do. I sure don't miss those days :)


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