November means 30 for 30!

Today is November 1st, which starts my attempt at 30 posts in 30 days for the month of November! It is going to be quite exciting! In the past few days/weeks much fun has happened at Bethel, here is a list:
-I participated in a tricycle race where I rode a tricycle far too small for my legs, got pushed head first over by a rooster, and was helped to victory by a Bethel Pilot Basketball Player.
-I realized there are only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving Break!
-Played Powder Puff Football on the Freshmen team. I played Linebacker where it was my job to sack the QB.
-When you play Linebacker there is a chance you will be run over like a freight train by a very strong Sophomore. Which will lead to lots and lots of pain the next day. Every muscle in my body hurts right now.

John Boy took pictures at the game and I'll put them up eventually!

New things about Bethel now that is November:
-All the men have shaved their faces last night for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!
-It is SO SO SO cold, I freeze every morning as I walk to breakfast.

In God,


  1. Lol... what is it with "No Shave November"? The guys do that here too! I wonder if it's a country-wide thing :) I just had to comment because it seems to be popping up in weird places lately!


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