It's an addiction.

Walking down the street with a pup trotting beside. Sitting in church with a pup as a foot warmer and a leash across your legs. Looking down and seeing those big brown eyes staring back. Walking to class stressed and worried but them running your fingers through the soft fur and feeling relief. Slowly loving that silly pup more and more while knowing your heart is going to break when they leave.

These are the things I miss. I miss them so much as I'm away from them for longer. I want to raise again, I truly am addicted. I love raising puppies to help someone. Sacrificing my time and watching a silly puppy grow into a great dog. It's something that cannot be replicated. That feeling is different than a pet, it's something bigger and greater. Knowing that by helping this dog, you are helping someone. Helping provide Independence to someone who cannot attain that by themselves. I don't know how I'm going to stand the next 4 years without a puppy. I might go crazy, actually I'm sure I will. I'll enjoy it even more once I raise again. I cannot wait for my time to be up, to be working as a teacher and raising my puppy. Boy that will be a good day. :)



  1. I completely know what you mean. I can't stand not having a puppy while I'm here at college. It's a true addiction. :)

  2. it's an addiction for sure! I hope the next four years don't go by too slow

  3. I know what you mean! I raise for CCI also and whenever I don't have a puppy with me I feel like I forgot something and always keep looking down to check on them. I think it's impossible to stop raising once you start!


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