I'm Thankful for..... [Day 1]

Today is the first day of my new series "I'm thankful for...". Everyday I will post a lost of a few things that I am thankful for. I'll be doing this up until Thanksgiving. It'll be a good way to get in the spirit of thankfulness. :). There will also be a picture on every post that is totally irelivent, just so you know.

Day 1: I am thankful for....
•My dad- who drove one hour here and one hour home all to bring me somthing from home, plus he got me Chick-fil- A.
•My family- who always seem excited to talk to me!
•John- who takes time out of his day to drive me somewhere, help me study, or take a break with me.
•My friend Elizabeth who went on a date with me today, it was very fun. Loved it :)
•My awsome roomies who make me laugh so often with their silly antics!



  1. I looked at all of your blog post back to when you first got Conover. I saw the one about the reasons you puppy raise and I realize my reasons are all the same. I feel much more confident in public with my CCI puppy and love to serve those with disabilities. I also saw your posts previous to getting Butler. All of the litters that you "might" have been getting a puppy from. I saw that you had the "G" litter and I saw Gustaf. I loved that puppy! Marty did a really good job with him. Last I checked he was still in AT.

    Sorry again for the length,


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