I'm really not a messy person....

......I promise!

So here is the story. I was originally a very neat person, then high school I started being a little messy, and then it just all fell apart. The mixture of a tiny room, 2 girls, business, and no storage room has resulted in a messy room! It's starting to drive me crazy. So here is my plan, I think I am going to start scheduling my life better! Every evening I'm going to set aside enough time for "tomorrow prep" (Getting clothes and books ready), as well as room restoring (cleaning my room after the day's craziness). I think it will be very beneficial for my room as well as being a great idea for my life. So we'll see how it goes!

Wish me luck,


  1. you know I think better when my desk at work is clean. I take 30 sec each night before I leave to put stuff in nice stacks. it makes me happy when I come in my office. And for the record I'm a messy person!

  2. I know what you mean. I have my own room here, but it's so small and there isn't really a bookshelf so I have no idea where to put my many books. Ok, there is a bookshelf, but there's no way I'm putting the massive Art History books up there. They would break it. :/ But yeah, my room is a bit messy as well. Good luck with your "new life plan". I hope it helps...maybe I'll start cleaning my room once a day. :)


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