Failure....kind of

So today was kind of a failure with my "Get up early" routine. Although I did not get up at 7:15 as planned, I did get up at 7:45 and still got everything done! I felt very accomplished! I'm looking froward to seeing how the rest of my day plays out. I have quite a bit to do today and so we'll see how much I get done. I also got my room cleaned last night and my stuff laid out for today. This new plan seems to work well, at least for Day 1.

So for today I have to do:
-Spanish Review (Test Friday)
-Education class Field Report
-Spanish workbook homework
-Study Spanish Vocab (confirmar una reservacion.....that mean to confirm a reservation...yes, I am a smartie)

I'm off for breakfast, This is Madison, singing off!


  1. In reply to your reply to my comment:
    Cool! I've seen Tonya around, but never talked to her. I know Suzanne, Michael, Gwen, and Eric, and kind of know everybody else. So your not co-raising Titus, just taking him every once and a while? Do you know if any of the Michigan PRs are coming to the Graduation?


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