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In my Education class I have a portfolio due and it is a lot of work! I am feeling quite accomplished right now though because I've got some pages done already. I'm excited to be getting it done. I think I'll have a party when that thing is done! I've been spending lots of time in my room working on projects. I'll be happy when December 18th comes along. That'll be my last final day! My first semester of school has been a lot of work but is teaching me a lot. Plus I've meet lots of people and and had fun times. It's amazing my first semester is almost done! Wowzers!

(P.S. Today I got a paper back from my English class and I got an A- on it! Yay!)
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  1. Hey Madison,
    My PR friend Mary Beth and I were having a conversation about puppy raising and college, because we have a PR friend who just moved to Ohio to go to college at OSU. Her parents are finishing her current CCI pup, but she's waiting to raise another puppy until next year. (Mary Beth said they can't live in a dorm, though our friend is). Are you planning to raise again during the course of college or wait, or are you done raising.

    Sorry for the length,

  2. In response to your reply to my comment:

    Good for you :D It's been really sad to watch dogs in AT get released. Every time I was at CCI I checked on Butler. Wow! He is even more beautiful in person than is photos. What a dog! I hope that I actually get to meet you soon!

    God bless,

    Elijah & Dembre

  3. P.S. I was looking back @ some of your older posts about Butler and Andros II. Was Suzanne Andros's trainer? Suzanne is really good with dogs, though I really like all the NC CCI center. How long did you have Titus?

    sorry for yet another comment,


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