CCI Puppy Edition: Andros II

CCI Puppy #2: Andros

On January 31, 2008 CCI Breeders Shira and Paolo had an "A" Litter. In that "A" Litter was Andros, the 1st puppy born who wore a red collar for the next 7 weeks of his life. At the age of 8 weeks he was shipped to the North Central Region of Canine Companions for Independence in Delaware, Ohio. On April 29th his excited puppy raiser Madison, excitingly picked up her 2nd puppy. Their time together was full of fun, frustration, and pure dedication. They grew very close and Madison poured her heart into that puppy with the hope he would become someone's independence. Madison kept Andros until May 16, 2009 when he was turned in Advanced Training(AT). He glided through AT very easily and after 6 months rotated through the November 2009 Team Training but sadly he did not make a match. He stayed in Advanced Training for another 3 months and matured even more. In February 2010 he rotated through Team training again and made a match as a Service Dog. He is now living the good life as a Service dog for a women in Ohio. They are a perfect match and I couldn't be happier :)



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