[Butler waves "Adios" to CCI]

Remember that puppy I raised just a few months ago. You all remember him, big golden fellow, silly personality 99% of the time, clings to your leg, Mr. Butler! Butler is doing great now that he has left his CCI days behind, he seems to enjoy being a pet much more. Lately he has been spending his free time chasing squirrels in the backyard with Ruby, keeping my whole family company especially my brother Patrick when he's home alone. When I left for college my brother and I switched rooms but thankfully Butler figured out where my room is, since he still sleeps in there. It's so much fun when I come home and get to see him, he gets very excited and seems to be happy to see me! He even gets confused and cocks his head when he hears my voice on Skype. Those pups definitely remember you! He's loving life back home, and my family is loving having him. He is such a happy fellow, everyone seems to love that sweet, happy boy :). As a puppy raiser, I couldn't ask for anything better :)

-Madison(There is a bit of snow coming down...and right in time for Spanish....yay :P )


  1. I'm so glad he's doing well and is happy as a pet. :)

    I don't know if you know any of this but I thought I would give you an update on his littermates in case you didn't. All of them have been CC'd except for Spalding who just graduated as a Guide. He and Butler look nothing alike. Spalding got the Golden fur.

  2. He looks so happy! :)
    This post just reminded me that I forgot to update you on his siblings! I'm so sorry! Good thing Erin is here to pick up my slack!


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