What is the date?

The date today is October 11, 2010. This week is midterms at Bethel College. Back in high school I had always heard and been told about how horrible midterms are at college. I heard story after story of people cramming late into the night midterms week, trying to fill their brain as full as possible prior to dumping the information and trying to arrange it as something that makes sense on their test. As midterms approached I looked and my schedule and had no fear for midterms. I had already taken my English 101 and Foundation of Education midterms, leaving Spanish and Theology(following fall break). What I did not account for was all the homework I'd have to do this week, how do they expect me to study when I have boatloads of homework. OK...maybe not boatloads but enough so that I'm not bored wondering what I should do with my time. So in conclusion I'm off to study....I hate midterms!



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