A post while my school is....distracted :)

It is already October, I 100% cannot believe it! I feel like I just started college and I'm already 2 months in! What is really odd is that I have already taken Midterms for 2 of my classes, leaving only 3 more to be taken. Yay! Midterms are definitely the WORST! I really dislike them! Bethel is going well, last week I had the opportunity to visit a Middle School for my first field experience as part of my Foundations of Education class. I got to work in a Middle School Special Education class in a large school system. It was a great experience, but I really look forward to my 2nd field experience that I am doing over fall break. Remember Mrs. McLean's 2nd grade classroom that Butler and I worked in daily? Well I'm working in that class for my 2nd field experience and I get to work there a whole day! It's gonna be so much fun and such a great experience, plus I ADORE 2nd graders. They are the grade I'd love to teach. I love the fact that they still have curiosity and depend upon their teacher, yet are starting to do things more on their own. I've been having fun with friends. Last night we made a music video to Julian Smith's song "Grandma like woah". Look it up on YouTube, it is so funny! Dorm life is great and I cannot wait for my friends Maddie and Danielle to visit me soon. Having some old friends visit my new life will be great! Last weekend I went home and got to spend time my family and Mr. Butler. He is so perfect as a pet, plus my family adores him. It's so great now to come home, I love my home even more now that I'm gone. Oh! This upcoming weekend I get to go to John's Robotics competition, which are very fun, I'm excited! Today was a fun day, It was Bethel Service Day! I got to go with John and work with Habitat for Humanity. We helped clean out one of their building, and I got to use a drill. It was so fun! I feel very masculine now :). It was a great day of service to the community around Bethel..... Well my "Exploration of Christian Theology" book is calling me.....why is that book so needy. Lol :)

In God,


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