Home is where AWANA is... :)

Tonight I began helping at a Sparks program near my college. I was so thrilled to find the program and it was great to hang out with the kids. I love the smiles and laughter children bring. There was one adorable little girl who poked her way into my heart. We played games on the playground, going up and down...and up and down the slide. Great fun! :). She then proceeded to hold my hand and want to sit on my lap. SO CUTE :).

Cute saying of the day:

"Madison if you wanna climb up the slide, do it like me. Use the side, don't move your feet too much, and believe in yourself. That's how ya do it!"

"Dear Jesus I pray for my dad's back, and everything else....well you know God. Goodbye :)"


I hope to find myself back there again soon. Boy do I love kids, I must be going into the right profession :).



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