A trip to The Windy City

A few weeks ago before school started during Orientation at Bethel they take the freshmen to Chicago for a fun day. Our day was pretty fun, the four of us meandered around Chicago and it was great! We went to Navy Pier and saw a "Big Noodle", and then went to dinner at pizza place that starts with a "G", cannot remember the name. It was super yummy pizza! We had left overs and made the decision to give our pizza to a man on the streets. It was very great. Well enjoy the pictures!

[John and I on the bus on the way to Chicago!]

[Allison, Mark, and I standing inside Navy Pier while John takes a scenic picture, lol]

[Us all posing next to the "Big Noodle"]

[This sign cracked me up SOO much, not sure why]

[Our yummy pizza, I ate TWO pieces, a rarity for Miss Madison]

[John and I on the way back!!!]


Side Picture:

On our first night being roomies we toasted the occasion with a little sparkling grape juice. It was great, and especially funny with our assortment of cups. Lots of giggles were had and it was a great first night! :)


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