Youth Fair 2010: Titus

[Titus & I with our 3rd place ribbon]

Fair was a blast! Titus did so well, he listened great when out of his crate and was also content to lay in his crate. He was a stellar dog. The best I could have asked for!

The first event was showmanship, he was not so fond of standing for long periods of time, he was very fond of sitting. ever. single. time. we stopped. This was not so good for showmanship, but was fantastic for Obedience. After all the prancing and showing off we ended up with no placing, but an "A" ribbon for our hard work. The other dogs were older, and really good. When I asked the judge she replied with a simple, "he was too young". Phhah, he was great! :) I got many compliments from fans following our time in the ring, I think we did great! :)

The next day was obedience. We had to wait, and wait, and wait. It took forever to get in the ring. Once we made it in Titus did relatively well. He walked great on-leash, it was fabulous, automatic sits and everything. Then the leash came off and it was not so pretty. He was lagging pretty bad and getting a tad silly. But we made it through that section and I thought we did well. Next was the stand for exam and he was flawless! :) We did a recall next and I said "HERE" and he came like a bullet at me, but didn't sit, and then did a sloppy finish. It was pretty good for an off leash recall though. Next was the sit and down stay, he stayed put for both and got full points! Yay! Following all that Titus was done and put back in his crate.....or so I thought! We tied with another dog and had to do another off leash heel and it was REALLY not pretty. He was so done. We ended up getting 3rd place in a group of 7 dogs. Pretty great for him being so young! We were thrilled and had a great day! Now that I'm at college I miss my Titus baby!!! :)

-Madison & one :(

[Above pictures taken by JOHN!!!] :)

[My "A" Ribbon]

[Some 4H buddies]

[Me and my friend Maddie!!!]

[Tites after showmanship]

[Titus and I after showmanship]


  1. I didn't realize you show with 4-H! :) I showed my GEB puppy Dahlia at the county fair in July for 4-H and we are going to the State Fair tomorrow to show again. I showed her in the service dog class though so we don't have to do the sit and down stay, recall, or any of those things. I'd like to try it sometime though (if I get the chance before I graduate!). :) Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on your showing! I used to be a 4-Her and I remember we used to have to wear a certain outfit when showing, for most shows it was tan bottom and white shirt with the 4-H pin. For the regional show it was a green bottom and white shirt with a 4-H pin. We all looked awful! LOL but it was fun all the same.


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